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Adventures: > Nights of the Dead (Halloween Oct. 23-2006)

After the launchpad was done updating I did my usual checking of the Update Notes in suspense, hoping that it was the Holloween Nights of the Dead Events being added in.

Last year's Holloween events in Norath were so much fun. The players seemed to love them and I sure did! So this year they included the events of last year but changed the rewards. I'm glad they did this because I really loved the Haunted House, Trick-or-Treating, and the McQuibble Farm quest mystery of the missing pumpkins. After all, it wouldn't be holloween if we didn't have these. And though some may complain that the developers did it to take the easy way out, I have to mention a reminder. Beside these events, we also got 2 other events this month. So we probabily shouldn't complain.

Norath was decorated for the holiday. It was a great and fun site to see!.

Even some of the world's NPC's participated by putting on their Holloween masks. We see some guards and even banker "Deephathom" of Willow Wood was dressed for the occasion! The cities had these movable pumpkins so that even the players could help decorate by putting them in better suited places. Here you can see how I took a pumpkin from outside and placed it on the counter.






Adventures: > Nights of the Dead - Trick-or-Treating (Halloween Oct. 23-2006)