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This quest was really fun! There is a lot of great dialogue and funny convesations with the NPC's.. It had a great cute story involving the mystery dissapearances of pumpkins for making Halfling Pumpkin Pies. The ending has a great twist too! It begins in North-East Antonica at Windstalker Village by speaking to a cute little halfling named "Ponchy Shorttoe." (This quest was also featured in last years's Halloween 2005 events and kept thru-out the year. This year they changed the rewards by adding new ones.)

Ponchy Shorttoe: "Aww shucks, you haven't heard? Oh boy, oh boy, I just don't know what to do. You see there haven't been any pumpkins coming from the McQuibble Farm for some time now. Not since that unexplained, mysterious fire. No one can figure out why pumpkins just won't grow anymore in the fields. It's very, very distressing. I haven't even seen a crumb of pumpkin pie in forever!"

Littlelisa: "That's horrible. Hasn't anyone looked into this unexplained and baffling mystery?"

Ponchy Shorttoe: "No one even wants to go over to the farm since the fire. I'm never going to have pumpkin pie again!"

Littlelisa: "Don't cry Ponchy. I'll go check out the farm."

Ponchy Shorttoe: "You will! That's wonderful. The farm is just sounth of here in the Northern Farmlands. I really hope you can figure out what is happening. I'm not sure I'll ever be happy again if I can't have pumpkin pies."

Littlelisa: "I'll figure it out Ponchy. Don't worry."

*Quest level 25: Petrified Pumpkin Pies

  • I have searched the farm house for clues!
  • I have examined the fields!
  • I have taken a look around the fields!

I questioned a bunch of people but no one would talk, expect for Merle. She told me some interesting things.

  • I have spoken with Merle Travine.
  • I have spoken with Bobby.
  • I have spoken with Old Man McQuibble.
  • I have spoken with Angelina.
Merle Trevine: "...they say that place is haunted now. Nothin will grow in them fields. It's been a real burden on our resources. McQuibble's fields were the best producers of pumpkins in all of Antonica. We ain't had a good pumpkin pie in months. Poor halflings are cryin' left and right over it, poor halfie's they love their pie. Anyways, all sorts'a strange noises comin' from there at night. If I were you, I'd stay away from them fields and that burned down house."

After the interrogations, I went back to check in with Ponchy. He suggested that I might try speaking with "Professor Heribert" inside the tavern but not to expect much because chances are that he will be drunk!

The conversation with the Professor was a bit strange. I assumed right away that he had too much ale to drink! However, he did come up with a suggestion. He told me to check on the farm again but this time at night time. At this point I didn't know who was responsible. So many people seemed to be hiding something. Especially the McQuibbles.

*Quest level 25: Petrified Pumpkin Pies COMPLETED
*Quest level 26: McQuibble's Mystery

Adventures: > Nights of the Dead - McQuibble's Farm Mystery Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3