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Adventures: > Nights of the Dead - Trick-or-Treating (Halloween Oct. 23-2006)

Trick-or-Treating begins by speaking to the hyper Goblin named "Gigglegibber Trick-or-Treater" in either North Qeynos or West Freeport, depending on your alignment.

He sends me on a quest to get him some candly. He tells me "This time I really want "Marshmallow Ghosts, I want Chocolate Goblins, I'll take Candied Cadavers and Gummy Spiders but I don't want any Sugary Skulls."

My first stop was at my favorite Bakery! I did a delivery for Voleen and Penny when I was new to the land . Penny is usually busy cooking and can be a little rude at first but after you get to know her she is really nice! So I was pretty happy to pay a visit and get to Trick-or-Treat them. They gave me good stuff too! My visit to the armorsmith wasn't so lucky but it was funny. I got a "trick" instead of a "treat" which shrunk me to the size of a mouse eeEEK!

After 10 minutes Trick-or-Treating many of the city's NPCs, I turned in the candy to that hyper Goblin. I picked the black kitty mask! I'll have to try again later to see what I get for higher points. BTW Talmia sure has been busy!






Here are some of the masks in action. 1. I saw a player in a nice Gothic outfit with a Goblin Mask. I asked if I could take a picture and I did as they struck a pose. 2. Me (a nightblood mask) and my good friend Samert (a cat mask) took a picture at my house. It came out kind of dark but I still really like this one. 3. This is one of me at the character select screen wearing a balck mask.

a goblin mask, a cat mask = 50-70 Points
a black mask, a hatchet mask = 71-100 Points
a nightblood mask, an amygdalan mask = 101 Points

Go here for player tips on Trick-or-Treating.






Halloween Trick-or-Treat Reward Masks 2005-2006






Adventures: > Nights of the Dead - Trick-or-Treating (Halloween Oct. 23-2006)