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After collecting all 3 water types, I went to see Prew Drowers in Windstalker Village. He wouldn't give me the Hops I needed though. A bag of Hops was beside him, all I needed was some kind of diversion so I could grab them and run. I was on the quest with a couple of friends. Prew was worrying about his cow Betsy, so my friend Emiosha ran to the barn and punched his cow LOL! Sure enough, that sent him running after his cow betsy. We grabbed the hops and took off runnin! :D




So I I'm done right? Wrong! I need a mug to pour my beer in! A keg alone won't do it. So Rasel tells me of a Mystical Magical Stein. The only way to get to this new area to get it, is to recite a magial prayer. This will surely take me to the Stein keeper!






As soon as I finished reciting the prayer, my body lit up like a glowing star and I was immediately teleported! I ran in and did a little looking around. Their was a few NPC's in there doing their thing such as smithing on a forge and whatnot. Then I met the Keeper of the Stein. He is the one I came to speak with. He tells me there is a catch, sort of a bet... He says I must choose the correct stein or my life is his to kill! A wrong choice meant instance death. On my second try on return I picked the correct one! The Wooden Stein! That's the one the Dwarf used and that's the one I'm takin!

Turn in time! I got my reward! A Mystical Brew Keg full of Everlasting Brew for my very own home! Who could want for more! I took a drink and found out the Dwarf wasn't kidding...this stuff is strong! My vision was blurred, I was drunk!






Back at home I have yet to decide where I will put the keg. But for now I will leave it in front of my bar where visitors to my home can see it coming in and take a drink. All the players seemed to love the drinking emote, I just loved it myself aswell! CHEERS!






Adventures: > Bew Day (April 2006) Continued... Page 1 | Page 2