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Goblins normally aren't very friendly unless they want something from you. I know that there is a little "Gigglegibber Goblin" that runs a Gambling Game on the docks of TS. Melt I went there to investigate. After threatning to ruin his gambling buisness he fesses up and spills the beans (So to speak). He tells me all he knows is that there is a hideout entrance under the docks where the halflings & fairies play. This must be in the Enchanted Lands! Off we go to check!

Melt quickly swam under the docks and found the entrance and I soon followed in.

I had no idea what to expect. At first it looked as if I was in a sewer system. As I looked around, A Gaurd eventually spotted me and told me to go see their King. I think Gigglegibber Goblins are a different type of Goblin. They weren't interested in fighting me or anything. They just want to work on their projects and as long as I don't bother them too much, I should be okay. =]






The place was pretty amazing. The Goblins had been using all sorts of scavenged junk to build things. I had to climb a sort of tower built of piled up junk to reach the throne. Their stood "the Gigglegibber King". He told me I could take the Elves Leader because he isn't doing much except for eating up their food hahah!






There he is! Ok this seems simple enough right? Wrong! The Elves leader is in a locked cage. Hmmm how do I get it open? I speak to king again who tells me that the key is in one of the vaults. But the Goblins have been trying to open these vaults unseccessfully.






Something really wierd is going on down here. "Snoseniffer the Schemer" seems to be supervising the operation. He tells me that his records indicate four vault keys handed out among a Blacksmith, Ballot Counter, Gnome, and a Band Leader.






Adventures: > Frostfell (Continued...2) Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5