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Submissions (EQ2 Knowledge Base stopped updating for months now. The owner of the site quit eq2 due to crafting changes. I tried to contact her but email address doesn't work. On the website it permits anyone to use the pictures and information as long as they give credit and a link to eq2kb. So rather then taking a very long time redoing everything, and since I can't get in contact with the owner, I'm going to have to manually apply/transfer those images and info over to my site and update it. At this time the only big furniture site with pictures is EQ2Traders but they only offer crafted decor.

I need lots of help so if you want, here is what i need:

Images of items need to be cropped or scaled down to 210x210. The credit stamp needs to be cut out because it's not the style look of the site. The credit will either be written under the picture on the website or on the bottom in white letters with a 30pixel tint banner after the website is ready for the pictures. The Furniture page will have 4 pictures per row. You can even take your own original pictures. If you want high textured pictures, you can bring up options, turn up the textures, (don't have to hit apply), hit F10 to show no UI, then take the picture. You can then hit cancel on options if you like.

The filenames have to be renamed in this format to make things easier:


<Subject>_<Tier><TierNumber><c for Common or r for Rare>_-_Item



Or if you do your own pictures:


If you have time and can do some, just send me a mail back so I can assign you which to do so volunteers don't do the same ones twice.


the Furniture shop, is located in South Qeynos at 14 Karana Court across the street from the pet shop. The shop is owned me, Littlelisa =) There is a crafting workshop that anyone can feel free to use. At this time there is only mostly crude crafting tables (Simple Versions) but pristine tables will get put in when possible. If you need a crude table put in that is not there, or would like to put in your pristine crafting table feel free to message me or mail me ingame.


I'm often busy with lost of messages so I put together a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), compiled of questions I get asked often.

  1. Crafting/Carpentry

  2. Decorating

  3. Ordering Furniture

1. Crafting/Carpentry

  1. Q: I'm choosing a crafting profession, do carpenters make a lot of money?

    A: I get this asked very often. I always heard that carpenters didn't make much money, but I became one anyway. I didn't become a carpenter for money. I choose carpentry because when tried all the crafting professions I thought this one would be most fun for me. I thought I could maybe sell some furniture for a little money in the process as well. I think it's fun and I love it even more now but I love EQ2's crafting system. I have done carpentry crafting and decorating in other games and I like it very much. I do make good money but it is in no way easy money. It's a lot of hard work.

  1. Q: What crafting profession makes the most money?

    A: There is no crafting profession that will put you quickly on easy street and on your way to being the Donald Trump of EQ2. It's been debated back and forth many times over and over ingame and on the forums. It's all a matter of opinion but it doesn't really matter. The key is to choose a profession you are interested in. If you wish to make good money at it then you will need much ambition, time, and patience. You find a system that works best for you. You can make money at any crafting profession if you want to. But if your looking for picking a class that allows you to craft a couple things, put on broker, and get rich, crafting isn't your path. Making money thru crafting in this game is not the quickest way by far. You can make more money faster by adventuring (including harvesting while doing so). Especially raiding.

  2. Q: I decided that crafting is for me, what should I choose?

    A: I would recommend you choose something interesting to you, something you or your alternate characters or guild can use. Try to pick a profession that your guild can use and doesn't have too many of already (Unless of course you have a very strong interest and desire to be that class).

  3. Q: I want to make some money in my crafting, do you have any tips?

    A: Of course, try to make things that haven't been flooded into the market by the pages in the broker. Be respectful and nice to people, don't be rude. Earn a good reputation by being honest and having good service if you do orders. Meet and talk to people (Network).

  1. Decorating FAQ

    1. Q: My new house needs decorating, do you decorate on commission?

      A: Yes, I'm also a decorator, and have owned and decorated houses in Sims 1, Sims 2, Sims Online. I have also owned, decorated, and crafted furniture/decor in Ultima Online and of course Everquest 2. I also owned an apartment in Anarchy Online but I didn't spend too long in housing in that game because I was too new at the time.

    2. Q: How much would it cost for you to decorate my house?

      A: This depends entirely on the budget your looking for. I've done small budgets 50g to larger budgets like 10p. Obviously a budget of 50g would only thinly decorate an inn room with common decor. Everything adds up faster then some may assume but a smaller budget doesn't mean you get an ugly house. It's what is done with what you have that counts. I have customers that start with a smaller budget and then later slowly add more to there homes and call me back for additions.

        Budget Breakdown:

          Small Budget: 50g-1p Common furniture such as crafted tables & chairs or small bar. This budget would only be used on an inn room.

          Medium Budget: 1p-5p A mix of mostly common furniture with some rare furniture. Usually done on inn rooms, 2 room apartments, or 3 room houses.

          High Budget: 5p-10p and up. A good mix of both common & rare furniture. Usually for 3 room houses. Could work for guild hall and manor as well.

        Style Breakdown: (In no particular order)

          Grunge & Grime Look (For that messy Troll!)

          Evil (For you the evil Freeport influence in your character!)


          Regular Look (Nothing fancy for me, just need a place to sleep!)

    3. Q: Do you decorate in Freeport or Qeynos?

      A: I live in Qeynos and only decorate in Qeynos right now, sorries. I do both Qeynos & Freeport orders though, and do ship to Freeport.

    4. Q: What is the process? How do you do it?

      A: First the customer mails me their address so I go see the house, and then we talk about what kind of look they are going for. Sometimes people don't have any particular look and just have me decorate using my own ideas. I can do it either way.

    5. Q: How long does it take?

      A: This depends on the project, the items, and my correct orders and projects. For a small project it would take 1-3 days. Others can take 4-7 days. All the crafted decor will be my name brand and crafted by myself. I sometimes import some noncraftable items from Freeport sometimes, or buy thru broker, or quest to get them. In those cases it takes some time for me to get them but the end result is all worth it.


EQ2Craft –

My favorite site for looking up crafting recipes.

EQ2 Gamepressure –

If you need to find out where a certain place or NPC is, this site has great maps. I used this site along with my eq2map, to map out a course for the Journeyman Boots Heritage Quest (j boots).

EQ2 Interface –

The best website EQ2 has for UI add on and custom interfaces. Tired of using that default big N' Bulky UI? Need some slimmer hotbars and bags? This is the site you go to.

EQ2 Ogaming

Great site to look up information on quests or NPC's. Has much much more though. Very big quest database. Includes Heritages, Access Quests, Lore & Legend Mastery Quests, and tons of regular quests.

EQ2 Players

Everquest 2's Official community news and player base website. This is where you can go to see your characters free homepage or look up another players character to view his/her gallery screenshots, stats, guild, equipped items, faction, profile, and more details like ranks.

EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer

Great guides on class and grouping strategy, specifically raiding. I highly recommend new players read up on those as well as experienced players alike. This site also has guides for Heritages, Access Quests, Adventure pack quests and info.

EQ2 Traders –

One of two of the most popular Furniture display/preview sites. All my customers use this site to select what they would like to order.


The Everquest 2 Official Game Website

Noob Comics, the

One of my favorite MMOG comics. They are very funny and based on Everquest 1. Some may not understand some of the jokes unless they have played Everquest but still many funny comic strips that apply to the MMOG genre.