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I went back to check on the farm at night and look at what I saw! A bunch of crazy coooky pumpkin-headed scarecrows having some sort of bizarre bonfire ritual!! One of them is even on fire LOLz! What could they be doing??

I went back to the Professor to report my findings. I told him the story of what I saw but he didn't believe me at first. Then he said these must have been animated scarecrows I saw and that they need a master to be controlling them. The professor couldn't seem to tell me more, and instead he recommended I seek out his hermit friend named "Shanty" who would know more.

It was a dark night, but I was still able to find "Shanty Gaggleshorn" up in the mountains. I told Shanty everything I knew. We chatted for a bit but I don't think I learned much that I already didn't know. He explained that there must be a beacon or something calling the scarecrows back there. So I went back to the farm house and did some searching. I found "a Gleaming Medallion" on the McQuibble's Burned Farm House floor.

Doh! A group of scarecrows suddenly appeared killing Shanty as well as an innocent low level player! They were coming after me but the young player had been caught running thru the wrong place at the wrong time. I felt guilty and helpless but due to the player choosing to play with the locked combat option turned on (An option that players have to prevent anyone from attacking their monsters or helping them), I was unable to save him.

Sorry that you got caught in the crossfire young one. And Shanty, we'll never forget you!

******************* I reported back to the Professor. Here is some of the funny dialog. ****************

Professor Heribert: "How?!? When?!? Littlelisa, could you stop sneaking up on me like that. I mean it really isn't necessary. How's good old Shanty?"

Littlelisa: "Dead, but besides that he was actually pretty helpful. Look what I found, it's a medallion of some sort."

Professor Heribert: "Dead! You didn't have to kill the poor old fool to steal his medallion. That really wasn't needed, you know. I bet he would've sold it to you."

Littlelisa: "I didn't kill him! You really should've at least tried to sober up a little. Do you really think I would've killed him to steal the medallion all just to figure out why a halfling isn't getting his pie? Give me a little credit."

Professor Heribert: "Fine, fine... How was he killed then?"

Littlelisa: "The scarecrows got him and then they attacked me, right in the middle of the road. I found the medallion inside the farm house."

*Quest level 26: McQuibble's Mystery COMPLETED
*Quest level 26: Scary Scarecrows

Adventures: > Nights of the Dead - McQuibble's Farm Mystery Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3