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April 13, 2006 It's Brew Day in Norath! A time to celebrate the making of ale and friendships. This quest begins in front of North Qeynos Gate in Antonica just as the Valentines Day Event did for the citizens of Qeynos. For the Freeport side, the quest begins in the Commonlands. The quest involves running around obtaining items to fill an ale brewing recipe. It includes a new zone just for the quest! Very kewl!

Quest: Brell's Everlasting Brew




I enter the portal in front of North Qeynos Gate in Antonica to the Fabled Bar of Brell.






What a cheerful bar! The music is playing and much can be heard. "Rasel Alechaser" begins to tell me of his relative, "Barnaby Beerswiller." It seems Barnaby is well known for his Everlasting Brew! Rasel tells me that he has had the recipe passed down to him over generations but he does not currently have the ingredients. He makes me an offer I can't refuse. In exchange for obtaining the ingredients to make Rasel Alechaser's Famous Everlasting Brew, Rasel will give me my very own keg of the brew!






Ok so it looks like I will need to get some information first from Jimmy Runner at the Private Lounge. Jimmy is reluctant to give me the information I need though. I asked the bartender to send him over some Dwarven Ale and Gnomish Spirits to see if maybe getting him a little tipsy would help.






OOops! I ended up giving him too much and he passed out cold on the floor so I had to buy him some coffee to sober him up and start over. In the end, once I got him talkin he couldn't stop and I got all the information I needed! :D






Now that I know where to go, I'm off to gather some "pure water" from Antonica, Nektolus Forest, and the Thundering Steppes.






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