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Adventures: > Construction of the Griffon Towers


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Live Update 16 included a new event! We Norathians must construct new Griffin
Towers in lands that were previously without them. Woohoo! Now we can give our
feet (or horses hooves) some rest! Off we go to the Thundering Steppes and
Nektulos Forest, to participate with other Norathian Citizens in building the
new Griffin towers!

NOTE: The pictures seem to be of lower quality then usual, keep in mind that
the area had many players around so I lowered my graphics settings for this event.

The builders in our group: Melt the Builder, Quazil the Builder, and me Littlelisa the Builder =]  
Griffin Tower Construction Foreman: Here is our Boss at the construction site.

Well, Littlelisa is a Carpenter so why not start with sawing some lumber.

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