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Adventures: > Construction of the Griffon Towers


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NOTE: EVENT 2: This part is actually a seperate event that you can still do -Littlelisa DEC/2006

The Griffin Tamer the Thundering Steppes told me I could find some eggs in the west area. 
There are some flying Griffins southwest so I thought that I may find some eggs among them.
It took me days to actually find some and it seems I'm not the only one that took that long.
They seem very difficult to find but finally I do and I gather them up. It looks like I have
about 6 minutes to deliver them to the nearest Griffin Tamer, after gathering them. I'm not
sure why this is. Maybe they need to be incubated right away when taken from there nest.


The Griffin Tamer is very happy to see me and grateful as well. As thanks, he allows me to ride the Griffin 
whenever I like! Even though the tower system is not 100% complete, I know how VIP access. The Griffin....
The only way to fly! =D

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