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Adventures: > Construction of the Griffon Towers


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This lumber will go to the supply crate for other players/workers to use in building the tower. Littlelisa 
saws wood on "a make-shift work bench," while Quazil (cute little gnome on the horsey), creates the plans on
"a make-shift desk." There is also "a make-shift forge" nearby. Melt is off doing 1 of the 3 jobs available,
gathering lumber, making plans/lumber/tools, or guarding the construction site by killing undead that may
wander near. Crafting tables are conveniently placed nearby and non-instanced too! It reminded me of times in
MMOG's like Acheron's Call 2 where the players would gather around a forge crafting away while chatting and
playing music on their instruments for hours while helping restore the town. Now if only we had some
instruments to play in EQ2 as well. As of now, the only music that players can perform is done by Bards when they buff which is a melody only lasting a few seconds. But I'm betting and hoping one day in the future the devs will add player music. They seem to add so much so fast in this game.


Let's see how the construction is going. Looks like we need more plans! There was much 
unity with the players. It was really fun. Players were shouting cross construction
sites, "The tower at the docks here needs more lumber." Another player would
voluntarily respond "We have plenty at our site so I'll go gather some and be on the
way there soon."


Yay! Coldwind Tower has been completed!


We have been rewarded with a memorable mini sized sculpture of a Griffon Tower that will 
make a great decoration in our homes! We have the option of selling this reward item to 
an NPC for a few silver and 1,000 status. Of course I won't be selling mine. I'm keeping 
my little momorial piece in my home for all visitors to see and remember the day we 
helped build a little piece of Norath. Now let's have a hand to the citizens of Norath 
for pitching in to work together as one! But we aren't done yet. All the players pack up 
and move on to join the other players at the next tower construction site.  
Woot! The towers are done! But why is the Griffin not at his perch in the Tower? Looks like 
there is not enough Griffins to complete the transportation system. We need more Griffins
and the "Griffin Tamer" explains the process to me. Wow Griffins are trained from birth for
this! Looks like I need to find some unhatched Griffin eggs to help out.


The Griffin Tamer the Thundering Steppes told me I could find some eggs in the west area. 
There are some flying Griffins southwest so I thought that I may find some eggs among them.
It took me days to actually find some and it seems I'm not the only one that took that long.
They seem very difficult to find but finally I do and I gather them up. It looks like I have
about 6 minutes to deliver them to the nearest Griffin Tamer, after gathering them. I'm not
sure why this is. Maybe they need to be incubated right away when taken from there nest.


The Griffin Tamer is very happy to see me and grateful as well. As thanks, he allows me to ride the Griffin 
whenever I like! Even though the tower system is not 100% complete, I know how VIP access. The Griffin....
The only way to fly! =D

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