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December, 2006 Merry Christmass...errr....Happy um wait....Happy Forstfell! Yeah! In Norath, their version is Frosotfell! Logging in today was a big treat! I heard the cheerfull holiday music which made me smile. It sounded fun and was in a Norathian style.

Like so many Holiday movies, cartoons, and books, the story here seemed to be a take on the Grinch. These stories have been loved by many for years. People just love to hear them in different version. Sometimes it is your favorite cartoon or actor doing it, but here we have our own Norathian version. This event was so much fun and definitely one of the more memorable for me.

There was so much to see thruout this event. This is a long one. It was tough to leave out so many great scenes to keep it from not getting any longer.

A panoramic greeting card scene of the memorial in Qeynos Harbor. Eager Elves bearing gifts await fellow Norathians. (Feel free to use this picture as a template to make your own EQ2 Greeting Card! =D

Everyone soon found snowballs in baskets all over the city. Soon we were all having fun throwing them at each other and giggling.






After exploring the beautifully decorated city, I went to visit the little Holiday Elves. They were so cute and funny! The Elves were rolling around giggling and tumbling like little kids. I learned all about Frostfell from the Historian "Inim Candychewer."






Next, I went to buy some Holiday gifts from "Telly Traderchent" Elf. They were giving out all sorts of things from gingerbread cookies to music boxes that played old Everquest 1 songs in your home! I thought it was very cute that some players were doing the /thank emote to the Elf after recieving a gift so I did the same. =D






"Pinchy Presentpeeler" tells me that their leader has been kidnapped by the mean ole green Goblins! A Goblin even took over their home! The Elves tried to hug him and be nice to him but he was a big ole meanie!. They need me help to save Frostfell! Of course I'll help! After all, who can say no to a little Elf in a Santa hat!?






Adventures: > Frostfell (December 2006) Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5