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In Ultima Online, they have websites that feature what's called "UO Comics" or "UO Adventures." They are formatted and put together similar to the comic strips you see in your Sunday paper. They can be fictional or made up to be funny. Or they can be real live pictures taken as they happened. The players then add narative text explaining everything that happened. Some document Player Vs. Player duels, others are of pranks, or events. They can be anything really. I thought I would bring some of that to EQ2. I put together this one for the site as a test but there will be more. I will be asking people that participated in past events which I missed, to tell there story so all who missed it aswell, can read them. So without further a due, I bring you EQ2 Adventures. Inspired by UO Comics and UO Adventures.

I'm slowly filling them in as I sort all the screenshots and I have some time.

Everquest 2 Live Team Events: